Day 24: Immanuel


All of Scripture, even all of history, points to the Son of God. From God’s revealed perspective, all things were created for the Son, the salvation of humanity hinges on the Son, and all things will be summed up and completed in the Son. Scripture ends with a wedding between the Son and a redeemed humanity shaped specifically for His heart. He is the beginning, middle, and end of history.

That the centerpiece of the universe is called Immanuel—“God is with us”—is loaded with meaning. The name points to His deity, it points to our significance as objects of His love, and it points to the Presence uniting us to Him. That means that all of creation was designed to bring us into personal contact with the affection of our Creator. This was evident when the Spirit breathed life into the first Adam, it was clear when Jesus breathed His Spirit into His disciples, and it is apparent in the union of the Son and His bride in the next age. Though many view the gospel through lenses that focus on our depravity and salvation, on our obligation and service to Him, or on the expansion of His Kingdom—all important and valuable truths—His Presence points to a higher truth: affection. He likes us. Our existence is an overflow of His love.

Never reduce the role of the Presence to a matter of simply saving us, equipping us for service, or sending us on a mission. He is with us for all of these purposes, but He is with us for more. He comes close to enjoy us and express His love. That is the driving force behind creation—and needs to be the driving force behind every one of our days.

Jesus, let me know Your Presence and feel Your affection, and please receive the affection I have for You. Help me express it well. May it shape everything I do all the days of my life.


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