Thank you Pastor for making God's Word real to me

Whatever the LORD pleases, He does, In heaven and in earth, in the seas and in all deeps. —Psalms 135:6

GOD uses unconventional ways to respond to the prayers I have in my heart, spoken or unspoken. He makes sure that these responses will come with His Distinct Signature – awesome, unexpected and unique. These I can fully testify as GOD-incidence or GOD-winks.

I came across Pastor Peter’s message through the CCF video shared by one of my friends via Facebook in 2015. Back then, I was at the height of preparing for a grueling technical certification exam whose result would either make or break my career moving forward. Stressed and restless, I found it difficult to get enough sleep at night and had anxiety problems during my waking moments.

Even though I knew and accepted Christ Jesus as my Personal Lord and Savior early in life, I considered myself a shallow Christian because admittedly I only had time to do devotions when I needed something from GOD and would choose not to go to church on Sundays because I would find excuses of being too busy with school or work.

Because I needed GOD to restore my sanity amidst the growing pressure of work and training, I used the CCF uploaded videos as way to calm my nerves. Selfish as I would recall myself, I soon found myself drawn to the lessons Ps. Peter shared about GOD through the Word and I eventually subscribed to the CCF YouTube Channel and joined a Sky-ple-ship group (or D-group sessions via Skype).

Early this year when I was at wit’s end to solve my depression issue, GOD impressed upon me that I needed to be where His Presence can be felt. GOD reached out to me and I felt this when Ps. Peter said towards the end of the worship service: “Whoever you are out there and whatever state you may be in your life, GOD wants you to know that He loves you. Jesus loves you.” Tears flowed, peace returned and I knew this is home.

Thank you, Ps. Peter, for making GOD’s Word easier to digest and for leading his church by how you and your family live your lives. Thank you, CCF, for making me feel welcomed as part of Christ’s family.

This was submitted by one of our readers, Marjory Sy