Why We Love Books

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Since, we’re in the publishing business, it’s “mandated” that we have to love books. But the great thing about the people here is that we genuinely love the art of reading, that’s why it makes working here all the more fun!

We just want to share with you 10 reasons why we consider books as one of the best inventions ever!

1. Books make us think – Although it is enjoyable to channel surf and to social network the night away, every once in a while, you need to do a worthwhile activity that can really exercise your brain muscles. And reading books is a sure fire way of doing that. Whether you’re reading about church theology or questions to ask before you get married or even a cute story about a little ninja, your brain cells get the workout they deserve.

2. Books provide Inspiration – We love reading about what other people have gone through and how they’ve overcome a lot to be where they are now. It makes us feel that we are not alone and that there is a hope that we can hold on to. Other people’s stories, whether fiction or biographical, never fail to inspire us, and hopefully our customers too.

3. Books smell nice – Have you ever smelled newly opened or even old books? They’re heavenly!


4. Books give Instruction – And we’re not talking about how-to-do manuals or _____ for Dummies (although they do help at times). We have to admit that we, as human beings, are clueless about a lot of things and we need other human beings to tell us how to do, understand and use certain things.


5. Books can be shared – One of the greatest joys is to finish a book that you really love and then to go to a friend and say “Hey have you read ___________? It’s awesome.” And of course that would be followed by an offer to lend it to said friend (that is, if you’re unselfish). We believe that books are meant to be shared so that other people in turn can experience the joy of reading that book. You can even do a book drop (like what we did earlier this year!) so you can give random strangers books!

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6. Books show Insight – There are things that you already know (and think you understand) that are suddenly thrown into a different light by one chapter, one paragraph or even just one sentence. Books have that amazing power to give us a fresh, new or different insight into things that either we’re confused about or we normally don’t think about.

7. Books can transport us into another world – Whether it’s a fantasy world or a place you’ve never been too or an experience that you long for, well-written books have that ability to make you experience these like you were actually there walking inside the story with your favorite characters and going on adventures with them.


8. Books and coffee go well together (or tea or a fruit shake) – The best way to read a book is curled up in bed or a corner of your favorite coffee shop and you shut out the world around you. Of course this doesn’t happen often because of our busy lives, but the rare moments that this happens, cherish it!

9. Books encourage healthy debate and discussion – Not everyone agrees with everything a book says and so it’s a great opportunity for you and your friends to have a spirited discussion on the latest book you’ve read. And if you want to be more formal about it, you can even start a book club.

10. Books can shape generations – Yes, this is a strong and serious statement, but that is why we’re here. “Our commitment is to take an active part in shaping the hearts and minds of every generation”. And what drives us to do this? We want to share His message to this generation so that they in turn impart it to the generations to come. It is a privilege for us that we are given this responsibility and the fact that we’re using books to impart His message is the cherry on top!

It’s your turn, share with us why you love books. The best answers will be published here on the blog and our social networks. We’re pretty sure there are more than 10 reasons!

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