We oftentimes forget that our pastors are very much in need of our prayers. Just because they take care of our spiritual needs does not mean that they are perfect and that they are always strong and right.

We really need to remember to say a simple prayer for them every time we have our quiet time or prayer time. They do a lot for our church and maybe for us personally, and so this is the least that we can do.

Here are some things that we can pray for them:

  • Pray for their good health.

  • Pray for their relationships with their families.

  • Pray that they may have spiritual refreshment.

  • Pray that they nurture meaningful friendships.

  • Pray that they cultivate strong character and integrity.

  • Pray that they love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

  • Pray that they spend more time in God's Word.

  • Pray that they counsel and teach with discernment.

  • Pray for healing from hurts suffered in the ministry.

  • Pray that God guards their hearts.

  • Pray for humility and authenticity.

  • Pray that they walk in the fear of the Lord.

  • Pray that they preach courageously.

  • Pray that they spend time in prayer and worship.

  • Pray that they practice servant leadership.

  • Pray that they experience personal revival.

What other things do you think we should pray for our pastors? Share in the comments section!