Day 7 Christmas Reading: Acknowledging Loss and Providing Comfort


My husband and I always knew we wanted to have a large family. We’d already birthed one child, opened our home to foster kids, adopted another, and were waiting for more, so when I found out I was once again pregnant, Kyle and I were very excited that we’d be growing our family even more.

Everything was fine for the first several weeks, and then without any warning, I lost the baby to miscarriage. I was sad and upset, quickly letting close friends and family members know what had happened. Everyone seemed to understand my feelings and offered me comfort and support.

Months later as Christmas was approaching, we were invited to dinner at my in-laws’ house. When I walked through the door, my eyes immediately fell on their fireplace mantel, now covered in red stockings for each of the grandchildren. As we removed our boots and coats, my daughter looked up and asked who the small, white stocking in the middle of the fireplace was for. My mother-in-law looked at me, then at my daughter, and said that it was for the baby we had that was now withJesus in heaven. My eyes filled with tears as all those months later she remembered and quietly commemorated our loss.

So many people are suffering loss and heartache, and although initially we may send encouragement or comfort, how often do we then just move on with life,forgetting the loss? Maybe you know the pain of loss yourself and wonder, Does anyone else even remember or care? I am so thankful that, even if no one else knows, God sees and remembers our pain. He promises to comfort us in all of our troubles, but he doesn’t stop there—he then encourages us to offer comfort to others, just as we’ve received it from him. You never know the comfort your kindness may bring to another.

Today’s Act of Kindness

Offer comfort to someone who needs it.


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