Day 3 Christmas Reading: The Lord Is My Shepherd


“Yes, I am your Shepherd—your good Shepherd. But don't assume you will never feel need in this world. You've seen many who love Me and submit to My shepherding go through seasons of lack. That isn't a contradiction to My promise. I allow you to have needs and expect them to drive you to Me as your Provider.

“Understand that there's a difference between having provision and knowing a Provider. You've heard the saying that it's good to give someone a fish but better to teach him how to fish. It's good when I give you something you need, but it's better when I teach you to walk with Me. My material gifts are used and then gone, but My heart as your Provider never fades. When the Provider is your constant companion, you never worry about whether you will have what you need.

“That's what David meant when he said he would not want for anything—not that he would never experience lack, but that he would never experience lack without confidence that I would be available to him. You can have that same confidence. Yes, you will have needs, but you will never be in a place of unaddressed need, wondering if I am going to come through for you. My Presence with you means that you can be at peace about your future. I see all the days in front of you, and you won't be forsaken in any of them. Your worst-case scenarios aren't in My plans. I take care of My sheep, and you are one of them.”

Lord, although I do have everything I need to survive right now, I don't have everything I need to thrive or to fulfill Your calling. But I know all of those things are in You, and I have You. Please show me how to discover and experience Your provision at each step in the journey.


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