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It’s difficult to wait for something we want to happen but it is even more difficult to wait for something that we don’t want to happen — like death. Even if there are warning signs, we don’t know the exact date and time that death will occur. And it’s not enough to just sit and wait for it. We need to do something.

So what do we do while we wait? Do we whine? Do we fight for our rights? Do we wait longer? Do we try to solve things faster?

I like doing things fast, solving things faster and finishing things fastest. I can be so impatient that sometimes I feel that people should be grateful when I can patiently wait for my order in a restaurant without getting angry! But I have realized that waiting is not a choice or an option; it should be an attitude.

Waiting, like faith, is a journey. We wait because in this life, there is uncertainty. In the same way that we don’t just think about faith, we practice it, we also don’t dwell on how long we have been waiting; instead we choose to become as we wait.

I kept on thinking about how God is real and the faith that I believed in is real. Then I stopped thinking and I believed. I was waiting for my daughter to be healthy and to be able to do things with her again. But while waiting for that to happen, I didn’t do nothing. We did things together. We made the most of the days she lived.

In the midst of uncertainty, we can still choose to practice faith and cultivate joy as we wait. We rest our hope in the thought that suffering is never just an accident. There can be meaning and purpose behind even the most painful of things and the longest of waits.

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This is an excerpt from More Than Most: The Story of Courageous Caitie by Feliz Lucas and Jay Jay Lucas, the inspiring true story of finding hope while grieving the loss of a child.

More than Most takes readers on a journey of faith, pain, loss, and love, as seen through the eyes of Feliz and Jay Jay Lucas, the parents of Caitlin “Courageous Caitie” Lucas.

Caitie was a three-year-old girl who suffered from a rare disease. After months of inconclusive diagnoses and medical procedures in the Philippines, she was brought to Singapore, where she was finally diagnosed with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML). Caitie’s courage and her parents’ faith throughout the ordeal, chronicled in the news and on social media, touched the hearts of thousands of people across the world. Caitie passed away in 2016 but despite her brief life on earth, she lived a life of influence and hope.

The book is available at OMF Lit and Passages Bookshops for only P395. You can also order it at our online store .