15 Reasons Why We Still Love Children’s Books

Whether you have children, nieces and nephews, younger brothers or sisters, or even when there are no children in your life, children’s books are a constant source of joy and pleasure, even for adults. Here are just some of the reasons why people of all ages love them.

1. The illustrations are beautiful
One of the trademarks of a good children’s book are the beautiful illustrations contained within them. It’s important to have great artwork since most kids are still visual at that age. And when you’re an adult, it’s a joy to collect them just for the drawings and illustrations. Click here , here, and here for some examples of beautiful illustrations from our Hiyas books


2. The stories are simple yet heartfelt.

You won’t find any plot twists or cliffhangers or twist endings in most of them. But what you have are heartfelt stories about life and friendship and adventure and love.

3. They makes you feel young again.

Reading children’s books brings you on a nostalgic trip, remembering how things were when you were just a kid, reading a book (maybe the same book even!). And since age is just a number, as some say, reading them can help you feel young again, just in case you were starting to feel your age.

4. You can still learn something new and unexpected

When you re-read your favorite children’s book when you were young, you’ll find that you can still learn something new from it, since you are seeing it with new, more mature eyes.

5. They keep you curious

Remember those times when you were young when you kept asking “Why is the sky blue?” “Where do babies come from?” “Why? Why? Why?” We may have lost that innate curiosity over the years, but reading children’s books can help bring that out once again.

6. Some stories are simply fun

Rhyming words. Weird made-up words. Animal sounds. Animal sounds from made-up animals. Crazy adventures that don’t make sense at times. These things are just fun to read. And as Dr. Seuss says…


7. They help build a new generation of readers

Know that whenever you read one good children’s book, there is a young person out there reading it too. And if you want to help the children in your life become readers, give them fun books instead of toys.

And remember: “The aversion to books is the first challenge a child needs to overcome. If they don’t develop a love of reading, they will not see any good reason, or develop the necessary skills, to read more books. So for the reluctant child, find them a fun read and share the experience with them!”

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8. They help you escape into another world

When you get tired of the “real world” you’re living in right now, grab a book meant for young ones and temporarily enter into that world. Come back out when you’re more relaxed and happier and more inspired.

9. You meet great new writers

Children’s book writers are among some of the best writers. It takes a certain amount of talent to write something that will engage young people, especially now when you have so much competition from other forms of media.

Some of our awesome Hiyas books from our amazing writers

Some of our awesome Hiyas books from our amazing writers

10. They help you stay creative

As we said earlier, great children’s books are well-illustrated and well-written. So if you feel your creative well drying up, they are good sources of inspiration.

11. They help you learn how to teach valuable lessons

You want to teach kids about the value of saving money? Or about how to treat people who are different from them? Or how to say please and thank you? Or how to react when they’re being bullied? There’s a children’s book out there that tackles topics like these and so much more. They’re a good teaching tool without sounding so preachy.

12. They help you bond with the younger children in your life.

If you have kids, bedtime reading is a good way to end the day. For those who have nieces, nephews or friends’ kids, organize a storytelling session with fun activities every once in a while. You can also do this with the kids in your neighbourhood or community. Always a good way to both entertain and educate them.


13. They give you a deeper appreciation of the art of writing.

As we said, writing for kids is not an easy task. Ask any children’s book writer and they’ll tell you how it may be as hard as writing an actual novel or book. Read their books and you’ll develop a greater appreciation of the effort and talent (and fun) that comes in writing one.

14. They can inspire you to do better.

If you need encouragement, inspiration, even a push towards something you’re scared to try, read a children’s book. You will find characters that are fearless, kind, brave, adventurous, loving, funny, creative, innocent. They can inspire you to do something that you’ve always been afraid to do.

15. They remind you that it is important to love.

Love your brothers and sisters. Love your pet. Love books. Love your neighbour. Love your teacher. Love your friends. Love your parents. Love God with all your heart. These are just some of the most important lessons that children learn from books. And adults need reminding too!


HIYAS is OMF Literature’s imprint for children’s books. The word “hiyas” means “gem” in Filipino, an appropriate name for a line of books that contain treasures for children. In HIYAS books, readers will discover a wealth of enjoyable stories, memorable characters, imaginative art, and indispensable biblical values.

HIYAS was awarded in 2005 by the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino for its contribution to advancing Filipino children’s literature. It was cited for its promotion of the Filipino language through stories that had a clear and positive message that instills godly values.

Why choose HIYAS?
HIYAS stories are written especially for kids: some endearing, some action-packed, some informative. Creative illustrations combine with fascinating stories to trigger a kid’s imagination.

But at the heart of every HIYAS book is a Christian value essential to a child’s character development. Illustrated in stories, these essential lessons are easier to understand and apply.

This is why each HIYAS book is more than just a tale—it’s a tool for the parent or teacher striving to build a foundation of godly character and prepare children for life.

What is HIYAS looking for?
HIYAS is looking for original and interesting manuscripts, fiction or non-fiction, written in the Philippine context for Filipino or Asian children. Writers for HIYAS should be members-in-good-standing of Bible-believing churches.

HIYAS stories teach Christian values, obedience to God’s Word, or love for God and other people. Stories may also help kids to learn good habits, appreciate God’s creation, or draw them to trust in the Lord.