Yes, You Can Create Art! Three Tips on Improving Your Artistic Skills

Everyone can draw. But some might say, "Naaaaah...". Don’t mind them. This is the truth: Everyone can create works of art.

Perhaps there was a time when you poured your heart into making art. Then, somewhere along the way, you got discouraged and stopped. Do you remember the time when you first held a pen or pencil? You were probably a still a toddler then. You must have wondered what to do with the pencil. Then you saw a sheet of paper—or a big blank wall. You started scribbling, letting all sorts of creatures or buildings you created in your imagination be brought to life by your little hands. That, my friend, was drawing!

You might say, “But that was a long time ago....” Or you thought, “I’m just an ordinary person. I cannot create art.” Erase that thought! Yes, you can create art! How? What do you need to do? I’d like to share three simple ways.

1. Immerse, imagine, feel.

Have you always wanted to draw the sky or perhaps a candy land? How would it feel if you can fly? What’s it like to go back in time? Go close your eyes. Imagine it. Feel it. Draw it!

Do you want to draw a human face? How do you make it look happy, sad, or whatever emotion you want it to show? Here's a little advice. There are two simple tools that can help you: A mirror and yourself! Just look at the mirror and make a face. Smile if you want to show a happy face. Frown if you want to show an angry face. Use yourself as your own drawing reference. Want to create a dancing ballerina? Why not try dancing like one in front of a tall mirror?

2. Love what you do; do it for love.

What pushes you to do things? Do you really want to do an artwork? Love is a great force to push you to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Do you love a particular style? Why not try it? You'll enjoy it.

Have you always been planning to create artworks for your friends? Just go and make it happen!

If you love what you are doing, nothing can stop you!

flatlay_Dump Truck in My Heart copy.jpg

3. Practice, practice, practice!

The old saying "Practice makes perfect" is true for any discipline or skill. The saying especially applies to creating artworks. The more often you draw, the more you get better. So keep on drawing and work on sharpening your skills. Later on, you'll be surprised at how easy drawing has become for you.

It may be hard to say now that you can draw. But believe that you can do it. Remember: Yes, you can create art!


Dominic “Domz” Agsaway is the illustrator of the Hiyas book, Dump Truck in My Heart written by Grace D. Chong. In 2013, he was awarded the grand prize in the Philippine Board on Books for Young People (PBBY)–Alcala Prize for Illustrators. Domz is a member of Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan (Ang Ink).

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