Hiyas characters

HIYAS is OMF Literature’s imprint for children’s books. The word “hiyas” means “gem” in Filipino, an appropriate name for a line of books that contain treasures for children. In HIYAS books, readers will discover a wealth of enjoyable stories, memorable characters, imaginative art, and indispensable biblical values.

HIYAS was awarded in 2005 by the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino for its contribution to advancing Filipino children’s literature. It was cited for its promotion of the Filipino language through stories that had a clear and positive message that instills godly values.


Why choose HIYAS?

HIYAS stories are written especially for kids: some endearing, some action-packed, some informative. Creative illustrations combine with fascinating stories to trigger a kid’s imagination.

But at the heart of every HIYAS book is a Christian value essential to a child’s character development. Illustrated in stories, these essential lessons are easier to understand and apply.

This is why each HIYAS book is more than just a tale—it’s a tool for the parent or teacher striving to build a foundation of godly character and prepare children for life.

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