Enough is Enough


Contentment can be a feeling or state of mind. You can be content or satisfied with your spouse, job, or life. But how many of us can truly say that we are content with what we have? Do we think that we have enough — that we make enough money, have a good enough spouse or a good enough life? These questions are tackled head-on in Enough is Enough: Learn How to be Content by Mel Caparros, published by OMF Literature, Inc.

Mel Caparros is the Senior Pastor of Living Word Christian Churches of Cebu. He hosts a regular TV program — “Living Word TV” — which is broadcast over cable on ABS-CBN in Cebu and Dumaguete, and has a radio show on DYFR 98.7 called “Cloud of Glory” which airs on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Enough is Enough focuses on the book of Philippians in the Bible and discusses important lessons on contentment from the Apostle Paul’s life. Pastor Mel also shares insights and anecdotes from his own personal journey towards contentment, from how he handled both blessings and lack. Through all of his experiences, he points readers toward the God who is more than enough.

Edmund Chan, Founder of the Global Alliance of Intentional Disciplemaking Churches, writes in the book’s Foreword, “I read the book, with keen interest, in one sitting. I readily recommend this thought-provoking book to you. Mel speaks to us with a sensitive pastor’s heart and a loving shepherd’s voice. The keenness of his mind, the fullness of his heart, and the faithfulness of his pilgrimage are all galvanized to bear upon this journey he gently invites us to take towards Contentment.”

Enough is Enough will be launched in June 2018. The book will be offered at special discount of 30% off during the launch.

Enough is Enough will be available at National Bookstore, OMF Lit Bookshop, Passages, PCBS, and other leading bookstores nationwide for P275. The book can also be ordered online through www.passagesbooks.com. For more info, please contact OMF Lit Marketing Officer, Mil Matienzo at 0927.203.7524.