What makes the OMF Literature Planner unique?

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November marks the beginning of planner season, with a wide array of planners in different colors, sizes, and prices. If you’re looking for something fresh, different and affordable this year, why not pick up the Whatever is True: Poetry/Praise/Prayer Planner? OMF Literature’s first journaling planner is available for only ₱450 and has excellent content that sets it apart from the usual planners in the market.

Here’s what makes the OMF Literature planner unique:

1.     The weekly journaling prompts within its pages cover a wide range of topics. You’re asked to recall the greatest lessons you have learned, list down books you would recommend, and be challenged to be kinder in concrete and practical ways. These prompts can help you practice mindfulness, gratitude, and reflection.

2.     The planner’s clean design and uncluttered pages are meant to encourage users to scribble, doodle and write their hearts out.

3.     There are original poems from Filipino Christian poets that are lyrical, sincere and inspiring. Who knows? After reading these poems, you might be inspired to write your own poetry too!

4.     Uplifting verses and quotes from OMF Literature original titles can be found within the pages of the planner.

5.     It is an undated planner which means you can start using it in December if you can’t wait until next year! Come January, you can go to the beginning and continue using the planner all the way to November — right before the next OMF Lit Planner comes out!

The Whatever is True: Poetry/Praise/Prayer Planner will soon be available at OMF Lit Bookshops and can also be ordered online through www.passagesbooks.com. For more details about the planner, follow @praiseplanner on Instagram or visit omflit.com/poetryplanner.

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